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I Want to be Safer With What I'm Doing


Safer Drug Use | Antidote at London Friend

Safer chems | LGBT Hero

Chemsex tips | 56 Dean Street

Play Safer | MENRUS.CO.UK

Safer drug use (harm reduction) | MENRUS.CO.UK

Calling 999 and the police | MENRUS.CO.UK

Drugs and the law and legal help | MENRUS.CO.UK

Safer chemsex | MENRUS.CO.UK

Safer Hook-Ups | MENRUS.CO.UK

Cruising Grounds | MENRUS.CO.UK

Street Safety | MENRUS.CO.UK


Drugs and me Benefit and harm management for safer and healthier drug use.

Tripsit Harm reduction tools such as test kits and offers guidance/ support with regards to harm reduction when using drugs.

PsyCare UK Provides welfare and harm reduction services at music festivals and events

The Mix Essential support for under 25s.

DSM Foundation Supports young people to make safe choices about drugs and alcohol and reduce harm.

Release Basic harm reduction from the national centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law.

DrugWise Promoting evidence-based information on drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

MENRUS.CO.UK Harm reduction guidance and tips (gay men men’s health and wellbeing website).

Drug & Alcohol Helplines

England | FRANK | 0300 123 6600

Wales | DAN | 0808 808 2234

Scotland | Know the Score | 0333 230 9468

Northern Ireland | Lifeline | 0808 808 8000

Ireland | HSE Drug and Alcohol Helpline | 1800 459 459

Drug & Alcohol Helplines Near You

Local authority websites should include details of services in your area. Your GP is a gateway to many health services.

Drug, alcohol and chemsex service listings (London)

England | FRANK

Wales | DAN

Scotland | Know the Score

Northern Ireland | Drugs and

Ireland |

HIV and STI Testing Kits

Home test kits | NHS

Sexual Health London | NHS

SH:24 (outside London) | NHS